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Fairing upper bracket to be mounted behind the windshield to install S902A, S920M, S920L, S95KIT and GPS-Smartphone holder

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Upper fairing bracket to be mounted behind the bike’s screen, diameter 12mm.
The bracket provides the support needed to mount a sat-nav / GPS smartphone holder in the best position, i.e. above the control panel, avoiding the need to look down at a device whilst riding.

It is possible to mount GIVI device holders S952B, S953B, S954B etc directly onto the FB_ _ _ or alternatively, the elegant S902A support, machined from solid aluminium which can be used to mount the various device holders S952B, S953B, S954B etc without using the nylon fitting system, providing the bike with a highly technical look. Also compatible with the universal smartphone holder pliers S920M - S920L - S921

The range of upper fairing brackets can also be used in conjunction with the following models of Sat Nav; Tom Tom Rider (40, 400, 410, II, 42, 420, 450, 500, 550) and Garmin Zumo (390LM, 590LM, 220,350,400,450,550,340,660,345,395,595). For the Tom Tom Riders, there is a choice of two fitting systems;
STTR40 support with nylon fitting system to be combined with an aluminium adaptor
STT40SM aluminium adaptor to be combined with the S902A aluminium support

For the Garmin Zumo models, we have produced the SGZ39SM, an aluminium adaptor to be combined with the S902A aluminium support.
The FB _ _ _ is made to be compatible with both the original screen mounted on the bike and with the GIVI range of screens. (In the case of exceptions there is a note against the specific FB part number in the “My Motorcycle” section of the website)

Look for the section MY MOTORCYCLE to verify the compatibility of the specific article for your motorcycle

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