GIVI is taking part in the #usaledueruote (#usetwowheels) campaign launched by ANMCA and EICMA to encourage the use of motorcycles.


GIVI and the motorcycle industry are united behind a single message: #Usaledueruote (usetwowheels), the institutional communication campaign promoted by Confindustria ANCMA – Associazione Nazionali Ciclo Motociclo Accessori - and EICMA - the industry’s most important international trade fair.

The entire supply chain in Italy is a system that is looking ahead and launching this message today to deal with mobility during this health emergency by raising awareness of the responsible use of two-wheeled vehicles.

Bicycles, scooters and motorcycles guarantee social distancing naturally and have less of an impact on traffic in the cities, which is being severely tested now that public transportation has been downsized.

The campaign was launched on social media platforms and with the posting of a moving video (link to video: that was also shared on GIVI’s Facebook page (link to GIVI’s Facebook page).

 “Two-wheeled vehicles”, stated Paolo Magri, the President of ANCMA, “were a collective symbol of post-war recovery and, with the appropriate measures, they can be once again now.

 Ours is not only an initiative to protect a sector severely affected by the lockdown and for which we continue to ask the Government for urgent forms of purchase incentives, but it is a call to action for owners and, above all, potential users or simply to citizens who only have to dust off their unused bike or motorcycle that is sitting in the garage”.

So…GET in the Saddle with GIVI and we’ll get going again, #usetwowheels!

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