The GIVI Morocco Adventure 2018 has come to a close!


43 riders from 18 different countries, 29 bikes from 5 different motorcycle companies, over 1,500 km covered in 6 days. These are the numbers of the Morocco Adventure sponsored by Givi, that led the Givi Explorers through the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert.
Places with extreme weather conditions that provided the perfect testing ground for the new Givi brand products. From the rolling hills just outside of Casablanca to the narrow alleyways of Fez, passing through the red sand dunes of the Sahara,  Morocco Adventure 2018 led the riders through breath-taking scenery for a week-long adventure that came to a close on 15 November when they reached Marrakech.
Once the journey ended, the riders were given a warm welcome to the city by Mob Shop, the official GIVI importer for Morocco. The evening continued in the Medina, the old fortified city of Berber origin, known for its maze-like streets and characteristic souks. During dinner, the participants contributed to “Riding for Reading”, a fundraiser sponsored by GIVI for supplying school materials to children who live in developing countries.
Last but not least, another gift accompanied the participants of the Morocco Adventure! In fact, the experience ended in Valencia, where the travellers said goodbye to each other by taking part, as guests of honour of Team LRC Honda, in the last race of the Moto GP. Another opportunity to share the passion for two-wheels, which for the team of the Brescian manufacturers of motorcycle accessories is an actual way of life, made of commitment and sacrifice, but also great satisfaction!
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