GIVI interviews: Lucio Cecchinello and the future of MotoGP


We are continuing our interviews with motorcycle stars. Today GIVI sat down with Lucio Cecchinello, Team Manager of LCR Honda MotoGP, to take stock of the premier class of the World Championship and shoot the breeze.
In the video, we will see that not even lockdown managed to stop Lucio Cecchinello. Just think that he took advantage of it to completely reorganise the team's technical division and the workshop!
And while you may have expected this from someone as full of energy as Cecchinello, you may be surprised by what Lucio told us about his other hobbies. Would you have ever guessed that he has always had a passion for electronics used in music production? Can you picture him assembling and fixing radios, amps and mixers?
Getting back to MotoGP, you will hear the latest news on the evolution of the championship directly from Lucio, as well as some "tidbits" on how the team riders are keeping fit and training as best they can to be ready when they get the green light again (possibly as soon as July!).
It won’t be easy to get back on track at first, between security protocols that are being developed, medical tests, isolating teams from one another and, above all, races without spectators. Despite all this, Cecchinello is optimistic: “In this period, we have been thinking a lot about how to improve the experience we offer our spectators and we can't wait to put it into practice next season, which I think will be really exciting, given how much our fans are yearning for the MotoGP".
Watch the full interview and, as Lucio Cecchinello says, keep on riding!

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