Fuorisalone 2024:
GIVI shows off its top cases at Milan’s celebration of design


Designing a product means, first and foremost, forging a relationship. The link between essence and form, between the idea and the material reality, has fascinated the world’s greatest visionaries for millennia. Over centuries of thought, one understanding has remained unassailable: beauty must be part of the equation. Ever since its establishment, GIVI too has bought into the unbreakable bond between aesthetics and functionality. It’s thanks to its faith in this principle that the Brescia-based company, now known all over the world, has been included in Milan’s Fuorisalone for the first time in its history: the iconic MAXIA 5 had its own dedicated exhibition at the most famous and best-loved fringe event of the city’s Design Week.

Conceived as an extension to the sleek frame of an adventure or sport touring bike, this GIVI-branded top case has succeeded in keeping up with the times. Over the 30 years since its creation, it has been reinvented and revolutionised while never losing sight of its original inspiration: the melding of indispensable practical requirements — like safety and capacity — with a desire for elegance, expressed through its unmistakable broken lines and the iconic placement of the reflectors.

Form, identity and recognisability, all in one: the exhibition, held in the prestigious setting of the 5 Giornate travel agency between 17 and 21 April, is a reflection of the community that GIVI has fostered around its products all over the world. A platform that unites enthusiasts, amateurs and bikers from all over the globe who share experiences and opinions, all brought together by what has become the undisputed go-to company in the world of motorcycling accessories. As expected, attendance was excellent.

The fair in Milan, the capital city of international design, has added GIVI to the list of distinguished ambassadors of Italian style around the world: a privilege and a responsibility that the company from Brescia intends to live up to, in the name of tradition and its unbreakable bond with its customers. We are GIVI.

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