If you’ve never got enough storage space on your motorcycle, then the new S150 from GIVI is just for you!

S150: is the new universal compact top rack from GIVI produced from high-tech materials.

The new GIVI S150 universal compact top rack enables the storage space on your motorcycle to be expanded, meaning you can now carry everything you need, over a top case, in complete safety!

If the storage space of a top case is no longer sufficient for your requirements, then the new S150 will enable you to increase the load capacity of your motorcycle. Thanks to the universal fixing kit supplied, this new model of motorcycle rack is compatible with most GIVI Monokey cases and it is also compatible with a large number of other branded cases!

The minimalist design of the S150 incorporates the most important of features, such as 6 belt/strap loops and 6 points to attach an elastic net. These are all features which enable a load to be carried safely.

The materials used in production are both innovative and high tech. We chose to manufacture the S150 from nylon which is an extraordinarily resilient and sturdy material and it also contributes to the light weight of the rack.

With the GIVI S150 universal compact rack, you will never need to leave anything behind again!

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