GIVI looks back at 2023 from the finish line,
raising a glass to the new year at EICMA


For many different reasons, 2023 was a year to remember for GIVI.

The start of the year marked a milestone anniversary: 45 years since Giuseppe Visenzi decided to bring to life a business which, almost half a century later, has become one of the biggest (and best-loved) motorcycling accessory brands not just in Italy but in Europe and, nowadays, around the world.

And what better place could there be for our fond farewell to the last twelve months, packed with events and developments, reflections on the past and plans for the future, than the extraordinary setting of EICMA? Boasting over half a million visitors, the Milan show has hosted not one but two evenings dedicated to the GIVI brand, each with its own unique character. The first, on Tuesday 9 November, was held to welcome overseas buyers in a show of the global ambition that has now been fully incorporated into the DNA of the Brescia-based company. The second, held the following day, was dedicated entirely to Italian clients and magazines in the sector, to maintain the company’s strong ties with its homeland.

Elegance, professionalism, and painstaking attention to detail were the ingredients for two events that succeeded in attracting notice and curiosity from those present. This was partly thanks to an entire display dedicated to the story of MAXIA, the iconic travel top case produced by GIVI since 1991 and presented in its 2023 Limited Edition to mark the occasion of EICMA.

Guests were also spellbound, both literally and figuratively, by the extraordinary feats of an internationally renowned illusionist and mentalist; while the Social Booth snapped personalised photos of participants in spontaneous moments, which they could share on their social media channels or print on the spot as a lasting souvenir of the event.

The most moving point of the night was the intervention by Hendrika and Umberto Visenzi, the daughter and grandson respectively of the company’s founder, who remains heavily present in the company to this day, where he is constantly by their side at its helm.

After guests were greeted warmly by Hendrika, Umberto presented the Limited Edition of MAXIA with great excitement, defining it as "our iconic product". This extraordinary product is made entirely in Italy, at the plants in Flero, and boasts a great number of innovations in its fifth version. It is an expression of passion for the world of motorcycling, featuring technological advancements and increasingly customisable design. The MAXIA proudly represents the crowning glory of the wide range of GIVI-brand products, which can be found across all the continents.

And so, as the curtains close on 2023, GIVI is poised with one hand on the clutch, ready to accelerate into a new year of fresh challenges.




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