Interview with Giuseppe Visenzi



The founder of Givi, Mr Giuseppe Visenzi, and his daughter Hendrika granted us an exclusive interview during the Milan Show.  During the interview they told us how GIVI was born, beginning with the production plants in Brescia, to its Worldwide growth, thanks to the Company’s main partners and contributors.

The Givi story began in 1978, when Mr Visenzi decided to end his career as a successful motorcycle racer.  He then began to focus on what could be the needs of every motorcyclist, exploring the most effective way of mounting practical luggage which would not only provide functionality but would also be aesthetically pleasing.  According to Mr. Visenzi, GIVI accessories are necessary to facilitate the motorcyclist’s life. When selecting accessories for their beloved machine, most of Givi’s customers look for both comfort and practicality, not only fashion.

GIVI has a great Global presence, with some Countries being the location of a Givi production plant; Brazil, which supplies Givi products to South America, Malaysia which supplies Asia and Italy which not only supplies the UK and Europe, but also other Countries around the World.  However, every product is designed in Italy, with Italian style and flare.  Basing some of the production processes outside Italy merely provides savings to Givi’s end customers and does not mean the production of inferior quality products. Givi prides itself on operating an extremely strict quality control policy.

Moreover, during the interview, Mr. Visenzi explained why GIVI supports several teams in the racing world:  it is a way of supporting and maintaining awareness of the brand image, but it also provides a way of  exchanging aid between sports teams and the Company.

And for the future? Mr. Visenzi’s hope is to maintain the Company philosophy; to treat all Givi employees as one big family and to harness the passion of each individual employee to help maintain the brand’s position in the Global marketplace.

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