The Dakar Rally and Africa Eco Race: great riders achieve great results with GIVI!


2017 has only just begun and January has already been an intense month for racing!

GIVI, in providing support for two teams, not only participated in the 2017 Dakar Rally in South America with the Honda HRC Rally Team and the Italian Alessandro Botturi on the Factory Yamaha 450, but also participated in the Africa Eco Race where it supported the Italian Paolo Ceci  and his Honda Africa Twin, during the competition which followed the original route of the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Alessandro Botturi, in the saddle of the Factory Yamaha 450, gave a splendid performance during the race but following an horrific high speed incident which occurred almost at the finish line, he was then forced to withdraw.

For the second consecutive year, GIVI has also supported the exploits of the Honda HRC Factory Rally Team, consisting of world-famous riders including Barreda from Spain, Gonçalves from Portugal and Brabec from the United States.

The 2017 Dakar Rally was an extremely intense race, studded with numerous individual stage victories by Barreda, who demonstrated how fast he can be and therefore, legitimately aspiring to the 2017 title.

Unfortunately a stern penalty awarded by race officials, with only a few days left, foiled all the efforts made by the team up to that point in the race and even if Barreda had won most of the remaining stages, the team’s dream of being the ultimate winners was crushed.

Meanwhile in Africa Paolo Ceci, supported by GIVI, was racing in the Africa Eco Race.

Ceci made an excellent start, which enabled him to win a number of stages along the way, but a few technical issues with the fuel pump and the clutch of his Honda Africa Twin slowed him down and forced him to stop amongst the infamous sand dunes of Mauritania. After solving the problem he eventually reached camp late into the night. But Ceci reacted with a fantastic performance in the last run, winning another stage and, despite a fractured foot, reached Dakar in time to ensure second place in the Open category. A truly fantastic result considering the circumstances!

GIVI is always proud of being able to sponsor teams and riders who demonstrate not only great ability, but also the fortitude of real champions!

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