GIVI PL ONE-FIT: one product, endless solutions!


GIVI launches the innovative PL ONE-FIT tubular frame that will allow you to install different models of side cases on your bike: a single product, an infinity of possible solutions!
The PL ONE-FIT project includes a tubular frame, specific to each motorcycle model, on which it is possible to mount different kits, depending on the fixing system of the chosen side case. So, it will allow you to replace the mounted cases with a different model of motorcycle case with a different fixing system, while keeping the same tubular frame.
For greater rigidity, stability and resistance, the frame is made with a diameter of 18mm, compared to the previous ones of 16mm. This also guarantees greater strength, designed to last over time; in fact, the tubular frame will not only allow you to interchange your GIVI cases based on the needs or the type of journey you have to make, but also to replace over time your old model of case, even after years of intense use, with a new model with a different fixing system.
Each bike will have its own specific side frame identified with a complete code (PLO___N) which will allow you to install different kits and, therefore, different models of GIVI side cases, from the MONOKEY, MONOKEY CAM SIDE, TREKKER OUTBACK hard cases to the GRT709 soft bags. The PL ONE-FIT specific to each motorcycle model will also exist already configured with the fixing system suited to the selected model of case.
The new frame allows for easy assembly which will surely be appreciated by enthusiasts.
A revolution for motorcyclists and GIVI enthusiasts, that sees in a single product, a thousand different solutions. All that's left is to try it!
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