GIVI Innovations: the future is now.


The Brescian manufacturer of accessories for motorcycles has always focused on research that aims to offer enthusiasts of the two-wheels a series of top of the range products. The aspects of continuous research, attention to the environment and technological upgrade were brought to the spotlight during last November’s International Exhibition of Cycles and Motorcycles, with the fitting out of an area dedicated to innovation within the GIVI stand. An area fully dedicated to the study of materials, to new applications and to the latest families of products that are still undergoing development.
In particular, the futuristic spirit of the brand was confirmed by a prototype that aspires to become the new Maxia 5 and could offer a valid alternative to the classic top box. From a point of view of families of accessories, there is no shortage of new ideas. One of these is the frame with its aerodynamic shape and laser engraved aluminium inserts. The slider will soon be launched onto the market and is the keystone of a new range of accessories dedicated to sporting and fast naked bikes. GIVI plans to offer alternate fittings for single models with research in favour of solutions that can be installed on a single bike or on a single frame, regardless of whether it is one of the brand’s historical cases, or a more recent one, or even a future model (PL Universale). The quality of the materials used to make GIVI products is also brought to the spotlight. The process begins by presenting to the public a sample of raw materials and then moves on to a showcase exhibiting the sections of an aluminium case and one made from techno polymers, which is a recyclable, eco-friendly material. Lastly, users of both Android and IOS smartphones will soon be able to benefit from an application that allows them to open and close the top case, without using a key.
This is just some of the news from GIVI, where technological change and innovation are the order of the day, and the reason why this Brescian Company is able to offer the very best in accessories to motorcyclists all over the world.
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