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SOFT BAGS for motorcycles and scooters

SOFT BAGS for motorcycles and scooters

GIVI motorcycle bags are appreciated by those seeking accessories which combine reliability, strength, refined design and, above all, comfort. In fact, these soft bags have a dual purpose. They can complete or add to the load capacity provided by hard cases and top cases, or they can replace these cases entirely, representing, as they do, a valid alternative. GIVI motorcycle bags, which can be adapted to almost any two-wheeled vehicle on the market, have been designed to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding riders, thanks to universal fixing systems consisting of straps, magnets and standard frames. Over the years, GIVI has improved and expanded upon its range of such accessories, adding models with different shapes and sizes to the catalogue. These include tank bags, saddle bags or side bags, tunnel bags for scooters, rucksacks, large foldable waterproof bags and many others, often modular, classified into easily identifiable ranges. Increasingly popular among riders of two-wheeled vehicles, these motorcycle bags have been designed and constructed to suit any budget, as well as individual vehicles. As the finishing touch to its technical offer, GIVI has produced a series of highly useful motorcycle accessories to perfect your travel experience, all in the pursuit of top performance and total safety.
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