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Universal aluminium handle bar to install GPS holders, Smartphone holders, electronic device holders for road use.

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On the handlebar of a motorcycle, the free space available which can be used to mount GPS, smartphones, Telepass suppliers etc is very limited, especially on motorcycles that already have a large number of switches for accessories such as heated handlebar grips, additional headlights etc. However, this problem is easily solved with the introduction of the GIVI Smart Bar, which is an elegant aluminium tubular bar (with a 22mm diameter) which allows a number of accessories to be mounted all at the same time.
The Smart Bar support is machined from a solid piece of anodised aluminum with an adjustable angle and thanks to its two lower slots, it can be geared to fit a large number of different motorcycle models.

The Smart Bar can only be mounted with a motorcycle specific stainless steel screw kit and related spacers.

Look for the section MY MOTORCYCLE to verify the compatibility of the specific article for your motorcycle.

Download the complete list of GIVI screw kits to mount the SMART BAR, specific for motorcycle model, here.

“Telepass is a Registered Brand owned by Atlantia and Autostrade per l’Italia”.

All Trademarks, Names and PDA models are property of the respective Companies

To be combined with the motorcycle specific “ _ _SKIT” screw kit

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