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SIDE HARDBAGS for motorcycles

SIDE HARDBAGS for motorcycles

Side cases make the most of the space offered by your motorcycle and guarantee full comfort while travelling, making them the solution preferred by most motorcyclists. Pairs of hard side cases from GIVI come in many shapes, with different internal capacities and are suitable for the specific needs of any rider who has no intention of compromising on safety, material quality or design. The catalogue currently contains six different models of side cases, featuring the commonly used MONOKEY® fixing system patented by GIVI, noteworthy for the high standard of reliability which it maintains over time, as well as a design which enables it to withstand the most severe stresses. The needs of motorcycle-lovers are fulfilled by aluminium-finish Trekkers for maxi enduros, together with V35 and V35 Tech, a pair of side cases featuring sleek, compact lines and currently the only products to use the innovative MONOKEY® SIDE fixing system. Finally, rounding off GIVI’s catalogue of side cases for motorcycles, the Trekker Outback cases were introduced in 2013, featuring an aluminium structure and the original MONOKEY® CAM SIDE fixing system, with its cast aluminium mechanism and reinforced technopolymer inserts.
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