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Modular helmet in thermoplastic material, equipped with openable chin guard and sun visor

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A modular helmet predisposed to fit a Pinlock® visor, with sun visor, chin wind deflector and nose guard, an excellent ventilation system and openable chin guard.

This helmet is dedicated to the user who has chosen a full-face helmet but would not mind passing to a flip-up one (without necessarily being into touring) being very practical when wearing and removing it, and during short stops, especially in summer.

The X.16 meets only the ‘P’ protective standard (indicated for full-face and modular helmets with chin guard to be ALWAYS used CLOSED); in other words, the characteristics of the closed helmet and the modularity of the open one remain unaltered.

This helmet is available in different colours with a linear design with state-of-the-art solutions: Pinlock® 70 DKS002 fitting system for the main visor, precise working of the sun visor (governed by an internal steel cable), excellent opening/closing system of the chin guard, with steel pins and a control button easy to find even when wearing gloves. And then there is also an adequate ventilation system with matching-colour back ejector. The compliance to a single protective standard has also a positive influence on the overall weight (1,690 gr) because it allows to produce an openable full-face helmet which is less complex to design.

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