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The greatest strength of this demi-jet helmet — the choice of a wide range of metropolitan users, as well as boasting capabilities and a retro appeal appreciated by café racers — is without doubt its compact size. This plus point means that it can even be stored in the small under-seat compartments of certain scooter models, including some very common ones (the Honda SH, for example). And with compact dimensions comes a lighter weight: less than one kilogramme.
In terms of aesthetics, the SOLID COLOR version stands out for its monochrome shell, available in no fewer than 8 colours and with a glossy, matte or metallic finish.
The two blue variants and the military green one are particularly original.
Technical features include, as standard, a strap with micrometric release, removable inner linings, folding cheek pads and a ventilation system with rear extractor: an element not always featured on this type of helmet. The shell is made from thermoplastic material.

Givi - B910 White B910
Givi - N900 Matt black N900
Matt black
Givi - G768 Matt titanium G768
Matt titanium
Givi - V634 Matt metallic military green V634
Matt metallic military green
Givi - G767 Grey G767
Givi - B509 Matt dark blue B509
Matt dark blue
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