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Specially designed for riders of scooters and small-displacement motorcycles, this MONOLOCK top case offers a 36-LTR capacity and comes with a plate and universal kit for attachment to the vehicle as standard.
Thanks to skilful design, its compact size does not mean sacrificing its carrying capacity: it can comfortably fit two jet helmets or, alternatively, one full-face/modular helmet with space left over for other useful items.
The B360 TECH retains the construction characteristics of the basic version, while offering the alternative of smoked reflectors: an elegant aesthetic detail with a strong “tone-on-tone” effect.
The same key is used to open the lid of the top case and to detach the case from the vehicle.
There’s no shortage of options for customisation by choosing from the optional accessories; in particular, we could mention the Security Lock mechanism, the fabric-covered backrest, and the Keyless 2.0 opening kit which can be controlled from an APP.

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